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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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rain and snow toda a new route for the ferry. where it is about to test the waters now for the exclusive shuttle service. rain and snow today. did it make a dent? the next chance the bay area can get wet and seattle was celebrating a super bowl win. the many first at this year's big game. google is already running ferries between san francisco and redwood city. new tonight, this is word that the giant is going to try another route. kpix brian web with a trial run set to start tomorrow. >> reporter: yes, this ferry stop in alameda might be buzzing more tomorrow with the first day of a week-long trial to see if east bay google employees want to get to work by water. move over google buses and
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tkpwaogel barge, the google ferry is making more waves a cross the bay area. >> we earn money and the facilities get to be used and traffic gets to be reduced. >> reporter: this is google's ferry called the triumph ant. it can cruise at 27 knots. and according to this youtube video it is built to impress. >> to see if it makes sense that their employees would like to use the bay as a highway. >> reporter: the first trial run took it from san francisco to redwood city and back and now it is alameda's turn in the east bay. and this is an artist's take on what a redwood city ferry building would look like if the plan meets smooth sailing. >> the bay is under utilized. much more to use it for transportation. >> reporter: just another way the tech giant is getting
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googlers to work. >> they can not interrupt ferry service or creating parking problems here. we should know how well it works. the trial run is scheduled to wrap up on friday. live in alameda, back to you. >> i bet it was chilly out there, though. the went are storm brought rain and snow to the bay area today. enough to wet the streets in the city and dust the roadways in northern napa county. and the sierra ski resorts got badly needed snow. this is how it looked at tahoe. all of it triggered by a system heading south and out of the bay area now. kpix5 hi-def doppler shows most of the rain from the system is dried up. leaving the south bay by sunset. with we will have the rain to thals and prospects for more rain when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. tonight, friends and family gathered outside of the home of a little girl found dead over the weekend napa. 100 people showed up for the
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memorial. they brought flowers, signs and toys. many gave speeches. >> you can not imagine what i am going through. and -- you know, i -- the most proudest moment of my life is gone forever and there is nogging we can do or say that will bring her back. i hope nobody has to go through this. >> an investigation is underway to find out how the 3-year-old died. and today, the police arrested the girl's mother and the mother's boyfriend. kpix5 don knapp what the investigators know about. >> napa police officers checked the apartment and located the 3- year-old diseased in her bed. no parent or guard yen -- deceased in her bed. no parent or guardian was there. the police department took over the investigation. during the initial stages the investigators noted what appeared to be blunt forced
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trauma injuries on the victim. follow up also indicated the victim appeared to have been sexually assaulted. >> reporter: the police arrested the child's mother, 23 years old and her boyfriend, ryan scott warner, 26. both are charged with homicide and assault resulting in a child's death. this recent cell phone photo shows the 3-year-old victim on the right at play with an unidentified boy who lived in the same apartment complex. >> when she hooked up with him you seen her go downhill, a lot of red flags there. you hardly saw her play outside anymore. there was a time, before the guy came around where she was a really good mom to her little girl. never let her out of her sight. we would see her playing with her. really into her child. >> how are you taking this? >> it is upsetting. this is a quiet apartment complex, this is so close to home. you just would never aopbg a little girl i have seen grow
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up. since an infant, a baby. very, very difficult. >> reporter: the police say they have had calls in the past to the couple's apartment for drug use and alleged domestic violence. in napa, don kna about pp, kpix5. >> staff the general hospital ignored orders to keep watch over a patient who wondered out of a room and was later found dead in a stair well. that is according to a new federal report cited in today's chronicle. her daughter instructed staff in writing never to leave her unattended. she was missing for more than two weeks before her body was finally found. the report also finds fault with the sheriff's department saying the deputy's were supposed to search all of the stair wells and they didn't. new at 11:00, an suv smashed into a gar skpapblg on to a -- garage and a carport. nobody was hurt in the crash? a building inspector was called to the scene because there are concerns that now the garage
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might chance. there a new delay in the warriors plan to build a new a rein a. the team is saying the arena will not open in 2017 as they originally thought. cost estimates have now doubled for renovating the site at pier's 3 and 32. the team changed -- pier's 30 and 32. the team changed their design trying to get it approved by the city and voters as well. >> we are trying to embrace all of the public input we got. as a result the schedules it takes longer to complete. so, we are going to open in in 2018. >> not so fast. tomorrow, arena opponents are expected to in more than 15,000 signatures for a measure that would require the warriors or any other developer to win voter approval before exceeding the height limits a long the waterfront. seattle reigns for the
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first time in their franchise history. the sea hawks can call themselves super bowl champions. they blue out the denvers, 43- 8. marlie hall with is seattle's super performance in a game with many first. >> reporter: it is the moment these seattle seahawks fans have dreamed about for years. >> all we wanted to do was win a championship and tonight it happened. >> way better than i thought it was going to feel. way better. >> going home and sleeping good tonight. >> reporter: but for fans of the denver broncos, dreams of victory turned into the agony of defeat. >> never, never, never, never peyton manning get shutout in a super bowl. i left. i could not stand it. could not watch. >> wow. i -- i -- what can i say -- [ laughter ] troerz is the >> reporter: it is new york and new jersey's first super bowl. early on they said it was going
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to be freezing but it was 50 degrees at kick off. [singing] >> reporter: this was a game of many first from the first opera singer to perform the national anthem to the first super bowl performance by bruno mars. [music] >> reporter: the grammy winner teamed up with the red hot chilly peppers to rock the stadium at halftime. sweet memories especially if you are a seahawks fan. >> this is going shut it down. everything is shutdown and everything is a celebration. >> reporter: back to you. >> well n seattle fireworks went off at the space needle and fans packed the streets to celebrate the victory this is only the second professional championship in the city's history. things did get out out of hand in some places. firefighter his to put out a fire. goldy blocks had a chance
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to shine for free in the super bowl. >> come on get your toys ... >> they delivered her message out to millions during the 3rd quarter and it did not cost the company a sent. they beat out 15,000 other small businesses to win the $4 million ad spot. the toys are meant to inspire the next generation of female engineers and let's hope they succeed. if you missed the commercials or want to watch them go go to for the videos. part of a celebration that opened a new oakland chapter of sharpton's network. the civil rights activist used humor at times to deliver his message, encouraging people to get involved. >> here you are in 2014 -- [indiscernible]
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civil rights group, fighting lity. it has chapt cell phones, blackberry, black president, black attorney general. >> a nonprofit is fighting in the chapters nationwide. tonight, hollywood is mourning the loss of phillip seymour hoffman. he died of an apparent drug overdose in his apartment. >> reporter: he was found dead in new york city. the police responded after one of his associated called 911 from his apartment. cbs news say the police arrived on the bathroom floor with a syrnge in his arm and envelopes that may contain heroin were in his apartment. a drug overdose is suspected.
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>> your life say struggle lips lips. >> he was open about his struggles with drugs. >> reporter: he told steve croft in this "60 minutes "interview in 2006. >> i can't get my hands off of. it i liked it all. yeah. yeah. >> why did you decide to stop? >> you get panicked. it was -- i was 22 and i was panicked for my life. >> reporter: he made his mark as a character actor in memorable roles. >> good cop, bad cop. >> he was nominated for 4 oscars winning best actor in 2006 for his portrail of truman chapotie. a role he threw himself into. >> this was a biography and became obsessed about it.
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>> reporter: his last public appearance was weeks ago. fellow actors, neighbors, fans, shocked at the news. his family is asking for privacy. >> i did everything that i could. i truly did. >> reporter: he leaves behind a partner and three young children, he was 46. >> he had reportedly checked himself into rehab in may after being sober for 23 years. as for his work he almost finished shooting "the hunger games." the studio says it will finish the film. >> i know you are going to show us the rain totals coming up but we did not get enough to wash away farmer's worries. >> how the california drought could drive up the price of eating organic. the last man standing in this village. his remarkable ties to the place dating back centuries ,,,,,,,,
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loves to use the quaint vil for china camp say state beach popular with the locals and hollywood loves to use it about for its movie sets but it is home to a descent ents. >> reporter: walking the long pier to his fishing boat most days, he has been doing this for more than 80 years. he is the last resident of the historic fishing village. only now this is little to catch in these bay waters. >> there is mothing out there hardly anymore. the last time we went out we caught three dozen shrimp. normally we would get several hundred pounds. >> he grew up here in china camp. the grandson of one of the first residents from the 1800s.
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500 chinese immigrants lived here. fishing for shrimp from the mud naps ark lop the bay. by 1880, china camp was one of the largest in california. 3 million pounds of shrimp caught. but, new chinese laborers were banned from immigrates to america. fishing operations shutdown but the demand for shri had mp only grew. >> reporter: frank's parents met here, married, raised a family and in the 1930s resumed s had hrimp fishing after restrikes were eased. -- tpreufrpbg -- frank helped. his aunts, cousins, joined in the business. >> a good life.
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fun. met a lot of people. >> today, frank and his his cousin run the sandwiches, the last time he fished outside he did not catch much. >> you serve shrimp sandwiches, yes, but they are from oregon. yes. frank lives in the old shacks through special a ragement with the state parks -- arrangements with the state parks. he never married but stays buzzy making repairs. >> got a boat. like a woman, she wants lots of care. always keep you busy. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after he is gone, nobody with his link to china camp's past will take over. >> sad when you think about it? >> no. we don't need that. i don't think about it. no. but nothing can takeaway his immortal ties to an important
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part of california history. at china camp, back to you. >> talked to him he is a lovely man and we wish him well. china camp was one of dozens of parks threatened with closures. it is open every day for picnics, kayaking and hiking. today's rain does not change the fact that we are in a drought. the last of heavy rainfall is hitting the organic industry hard. it takes milk from 150 goats to make the cheese here with grass bone-dry. the cost of feeding goats adds up. it might lead to increasing prices. it is effecting dairy producers and ranchers alike. we are poised to have a serious problem coming up in, you know, and as the season progresses coming into the summertime. it is hard for the farmers right now. it is terrible, actually. a lot of the farmers can not make it out to the markets, that is where they make their
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money. the trade association is looking at a financial help for farmers who has fallen on hard times. >> thousands brave the chilly and soggy weather this morning for the 31st kaiser permanente half marathon. some people opted for the fun run that was held in the park. runners world magazine ranged this race one of the most scenic in the country. >> one of the wettest today. boy, a change of pace, literally in the bay area. we picked up 6/10th of an inch of rain in parts of the north bay and even down in the peninsula. we will show you that. showing you the numbers over a live view of the airport, we are looking at readings on the cool side, 43 at concord and livermore at 45 degrees. we will be down to freezing tonight. the hi-def doppler showing showers are down and out of the area. a few rogue showers tonight that will not amount to much. tomorrow, dawning sunny for much of the bay area.
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this is after 41/100th of an inch of rain. san jose got hardly anything. then, in the mountains, half an inch. 83/100ths at the airport. amounts to a drop in the bucket. might get more later this week. stay tuned on that. cold air behind it. they did not get much inland. up in the mountains it got snow. it was not easy to see. the picture was taken midstorm, under the low clouds you can see a little dusting of snow out there as the snow levels lowered to below 4,000 feet. so, the showers now head south and we will be looking for the sun to come out. it will be cool tomorrow. cool and dry are for monday and more sunshine. getting patchy fog, too. that is possible. future cast is showing, though, a few high clouds off shore and build ups over the mountain that will be fair weather a
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cumulus. and rain chance moving into the bay area again. and many again on sunday. so, we have pushed the storm door open to a bit to emit a few of the systems. tomorrow afternoon, we get back to normal seasonal highs, middle 50s will do it. that is where it should be the first week of february. nothing compared to the northern 3rd of the country. pacific north west. 40s, down south, in the 60s, sfo has a forecast high of 56 tomorrow with partly cloudy skies, loss loss will be in the low 60s and it will be freezing in chicago. newyork, getting snow tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, down to freezing in santa rosa. 32 at fairfield. as we look at the numbers around the bay. everybody will be within 3 degrees of the middle 50s.
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51 degrees, perch and sunny skies. patchy fog. -- -- partly sunny skies. patchy fog. by the end of the weekend, maybe more will come in on sunday. stay tuned on that. paul will be tracking all of the disturbances coming in this week. in the meantime, we heard about the super bowl but ann is going to tell us about a different type of fumble? >> yes. epic fumble before the super bowl started. he held up this little guy and -- well, -- he ended up dropping him in front of everyone. chuck appeared to be okay, though, and everyone, as you see, laughed it off. over in pennsylvania, punxsutawney made his annual prediction with the help of a group called the inner circle. he did see his shadow.
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that means we get six more weeks of winter. not sure what that means but it is winter. [ laughter ] and this will make you do a double take. a sign with the face of city councilmembers over nearly naked bodies. why a candidate for mayor says he put it up. straight ahead on "gameday" if you love the broncos, wondering what happened: >> in the lineup i am thinking i am in trouble, something happened. >> but, throw another log in the fire, see you at the bottom of the hour ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mayoral candidate "steve mo" created this sign... featurg
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city council members nearly baring it all... with the hp of photo-shop. the banner ss "get buck naked." mozeena ss it's a play on words - to g cil members a mayor put up this sign narrowly bearing it it all. the banner says get buck naked. it was a play on words to get them to be more transparent on spending tax bucks. >> >> we are accountable. i am asking them to bend over and show us the finances. >> he is making a mockery of our process and the institution of city engagement and government. >> it is not breaking any laws however it is well over the city's size ordinance at 60 square feet. he is as had he might file for a varie nce so it will stay up. how it this police k-9 helped wrestle a gun from a suspect. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one.
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super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. the k-9, appropriately named "thor", took down a man who allegedly pulled a gun on officers. a police dog is hailed as a hero tonight. >> the k-9 named thor took down a man who pulled a gun on the officers. >> they are trained to actually seek out the threat and thor did that tonight and actually saved our officer. >> what happened is that the police say a burglar had a hammer in his hand and then
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reached in for a gun. thor bit him causing him to drop the gun. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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